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Ability to have "skipFiles" like vscode "launch.json"

ziontee113 opened this issue · comments

Problem Statement

Hi, thank you for creating nvim-dap ❤️
I'm a total noob and I just got nvim-dap running for React & Javascript files.
My issue is that when try to debug a simple function, the debugger will go through what I'm trying to debug, then jump to a bunch of files that is related to NodeJS.


Is there a way to get rid (or hide) those "Module..." processes in the callstack?

Example in VSCode:

Having a "launch.json" file seems to have no effect on the matter.

Edit: So I tried a few things to solve this, but the issue still persists:

  1. I tried to put skipFiles = { "<node_internals>/**/*.js" } in my node2 configs.
  2. I tried to create a .vscode/launch.json file, and put this config to it:
  "version": "0.2.0",
  "configurations": [
      "type": "javascript",
      "skipFiles": [
      "debug.javascript.terminalOptions": {
        "skipFiles": ["<node_internals>/**"]

I tried to call it with require("dap.ext.vscode").load_launchjs() but it still won't work.
Is there a way that I can solve this? Thank you.

nvim-dap passes the configuration 1:1 to the debug adapter, interpreting and acting on them is up to the debug adapter.
Where nvim-dap stops when stepping through code is also controlled by the debug adapter.

I added a change to mark frames differently if they've got a subtle presentation hint (#513). But it looks like you're using nvim-dap-ui anyways and afaik it already utilized the subtle hint.

I think that's the only thing I can do on the client side.

Yeah.. I just tried out Vimspector and found the same result. It's definietly the debug adapter's job. Maybe VScode has some magical sauce to it 🙄

Thank you so much for replying😄

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