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Content based image retrieval, instance search (examplar object detection) using CNN, especially VGG-RMAC feature. Implemented with pytorch.

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CBIR using VGG-RMAC feature

1. Results

1.1 image retrieval and object localization for No. 1 - 5 query (top_k = 3)

The following table has 4 rows, 5 columns, each column is for one query. In each column, the first one is query image, followed with 3 retrieved ones. You can click images to see full size image in result directory.

For more results (top_k=10), Please go to Demo.ipynb.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5

1.2 quantitative results on validation data


2. How to use

Step-by-step tutorial: Demo.ipynb

Dataset(google drive): pg_data | supplementary

If you want to further develop based on this repository, you may refer to section 4 (not finished yet): design, implementation, features and discussion.

3. Methodology

  • Methodology introduction: [github] | [my blog] (recomended, for better view of mathematical notations and flowchart)

4. Design, implementation, discussion

4.1 design


  • build()

    • get db_feature_mat computed or loaded to memory.
  • retrieve_img()

    • image-level content retrieval.
  • retrieve_object()

    • object-level content retrieval.similar to image-level retrieval, but will preprocess image by masking * image with object bounding boxes and locate objects on top ranked images (if needed).
  • index_new_img()[pending]

    • index new images on the fly


  • compute_im_feature()

    • compute image-level feature embedding
  • compute_top_matches()

    • compute top ranked image to retreieve
  • compute_bb_mat()

    • locate objects in retrieved image
  • _map_im_path_to_cache_path()

    • map image path string to corresponding cached feature path string
  • get_im_feature_by_img_path()

    • read cached image feature if found, otherwise compute and then cache it
  • get_db_feature_matrix()

    • read database feature matrix if found, otherwise compute and ten cache it

Currently, the implementation is slightly different from the design:

  • Function names
  • BOWFeatureExtractor is not implemented yet, coming soon. SIFT-BOW-CIBR

4.2 implementation

  • When doing object localization, we apply level supression, since I observed that otherwise the localization will prefer larger window. see line xx in xx.

  • The RMAC implementaion is minimal and more efficient than existing implementations. Moreover, I providde other option on pooling method ('RAAC') and regional aggregation (average, not tested).

  • Experiments show that Level 1 pooling is important for retrieval. If initial scale is 2, the performance get worse (see dev notebook)

4.3 features

  • support index new image on the fly
  • support automatic caching
  • easy to extend framework


  • add table of contents in
  • add dynamical indexing function
  • unify SIFT-BOW/SIFT-TFIDF to the this framework.
  • query expansion and reranking


Content based image retrieval, instance search (examplar object detection) using CNN, especially VGG-RMAC feature. Implemented with pytorch.

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