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A prompt theme engine for any shell.

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A prompt theme engine for any shell

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What started as the offspring of oh-my-posh2 for PowerShell resulted in a cross platform, highly customizable and extensible prompt theme engine. After 4 years of working on oh-my-posh, a modern and more efficient tool was needed to suit my personal needs.


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  • Shell independent
  • Git status indications
  • Failed command indication
  • Admin indication
  • Current session indications
  • Language info
  • Shell info
  • Configurable




  • CI
  • Github Releases
  • Create documentation for manual installation
  • Create documentation on the different segments
  • Create easy installation packages
    • Powershell
    • Brew
    • Scoop
    • Winget
  • Swap V2 with V3


  • Chris Benti for providing the first influence to start oh-my-posh
  • Keith Dahlby for creating posh-git and making life more enjoyable
  • Robby Russel for creating oh-my-zsh, without him this would probably not be here
  • Janne Mareike Koschinski for providing information on how to get certain information using Go (and the amazing README)
  • Starship for creating an amazing way to initialize the prompt


A prompt theme engine for any shell.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Go 92.8%Language:PowerShell 4.6%Language:Shell 1.1%Language:Dockerfile 0.7%Language:Lua 0.6%Language:Inno Setup 0.2%