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OpenAPI for Docusaurus v2 with Redoc

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Redoc for Docusaurus v2.


Check the documentation on the website.


See Examples



A Docusaurus Preset that combines the below 2 packages to easily add API doc(s) to your docs site.

Docusaurus Theme Redoc

A wrapper around RedocStandalone to make it match the Dcousaurus Theme with added support for Dark Mode.

Docusaurus Plugin Redoc

A content plugin that creates pages from your OpenAPI files or URLs and renders them using the Redoc component from the theme.


Docs website and example project show casing the preset in action with multiple different OpenAPI specs.

Who is using Redocusaurus?

See Who is using Redocusaurus? section in docs.


Any help is greatly appreciated, check the for help on how to setup the project in your local and for general info about the contribution workflow.


To have the documentation and API reference in the same site with the same headers/footers. Read more in the blog post, OpenAPI for Docusaurus.

See this issue,, and this gist, for more details and history.


MIT License. Copyright (c) 2022 Rohit Gohri


OpenAPI for Docusaurus v2 with Redoc

License:MIT License


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