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A starter template for the TEA stack (Tailwind, Eleventy, Alpine).

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🫖 The TEA Stack

Welcome to the most minimal stack out there. This stack makes static site generation a breeze.

🧰 Tools

This project uses the following frameworks:

It also uses the following build tools:

⭐️ Requirements

🛠 Getting Started

  • nvm use to switch to the valid node version
  • npm i to build that big ol' node_modules folder
  • npm run dev to boot up a live-reloading dev server
  • npm run build to build your production-ready site

Feel free to peep the package.json file to see all available scripts and packages being utilized.

🔥 Tip:

Running npm run build && npx serve dist will boot up a local server of your production site to preview before deployment.

👋🏻 Thank you!

I appreciate you taking time to check out the TEA stack, Please leave a star and share it if you found it useful!

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A starter template for the TEA stack (Tailwind, Eleventy, Alpine).

License:MIT License


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