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{ 🐘 ▾ } Bits-n-bytes Software Engineer and Architect

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Herein lieth a glimpse of some of the tech I have worked with, some glittery as gold, others a little bit old. My treasures however are kept back to behold.

{ 🐘 ▾ } Bits-n-bytes software engineer and architect - forever learning/exploring - from hardware/firmware/kernel to enterprise architecture - innovator at heart - #IoT #IoS #SaaS #cloud #architect

Skill Rank Notes
Languages Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, Nataural Adabas, RPG, C++ C, C#, Dart, Swift, Objective-C, Java, GOLANG, Javascript, Python 9 +
Frameworks .NET, SwiftUI, ASP, Angular, React Native, Flutter, Node, JavaEE, Spring, Logging, MFC, STL 9 *
Cloud AWS, Azure, GCP 9 *
OS Windows, macOs, Linux, CTOS/BTOS 9 *
Architecture Enterprise & Solution 9 *
Hardware STMICRO*, ESP*, nRF*, Arduino, ARM, Intel, rPi*, Mainframe 9 *
Software Algorithmics RiskMapper and MetaDB Server, Asset Management WorkBench for Ecomomists & Actuaries, Digiview, First Virtual Machine, SARS Modernization, Performance & Scalability, Poker Engines, High performance network servers 9 *

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{ 🐘 ▾ } Bits-n-bytes Software Engineer and Architect