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Node.js app with Google OAuth

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Create public and private stories from your life

This app uses Node.js/Express/MongoDB with Google OAuth for authentication

It uses Docker + docker-compose for local execution, Terraform to provision cloud resources, and Github actions for CI/CD.

For full tutorial, see the video I created for the Traversy Media YouTube channel.

Local Setup

Add your mongoDB URI and Google OAuth credentials to the config.env file.

Then run:

make run-local

This will use docker-compose to build the application into a docker image and then run it alongside a Mongo DB container.


The terraform configuration provisions:

  • GCP Compute Engine Virtual Machine
  • Atlas MongoDB Cluster
  • Cloudflare DNS "A" Record

Using the terraform config requires:

  1. Creating a GCP project (+ service account key for TF to use)
  2. Creating an Atlas project (+ API key for TF to use)
  3. Creating a Cloudflare account (+ API token for TF to use)

Github Action

.github/workflows/build-push-deploy.yaml contains a workflow which deploys to a staging environment on pushes to the master branch and to a production environment on pushes of tags of the form v#.#.#.

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Node.js app with Google OAuth

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