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Eleventy starter set

This is a starter set for the Eleventy static site generator (SSG); its appearance is based on the appearance of my website at

See the online demo.

This starter set uses JavaScript templating (.11ty.js). For a version that uses Nunjucks templating, see the eleventy_solo_starter_njk repo.

How to use

  1. Clone this to a local repo.
  2. Make appropriate changes to /_data/metadata.json and _data/siteparams.json to conform to your site’s parameters.
  3. Run npm install to load all the dependencies in package.json, which includes Eleventy.
  4. Run npm run start from your terminal app. You can then view the site in http://localhost:3000 on your computer.
  5. Read the sample posts and their Markdown files to see how everything works.
  6. Edit the content to make it your own!
  7. When ready, deploy the site to your chosen host.

What’s under the hood

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License:MIT License


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