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Obsidian Projects

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Obsidian Projects is a plugin for Obsidian that lets you manage and visualize notes for project management.

  • Create projects from folders and Dataview queries.
  • Switch between four different views: Table, Board, Calendar, and Gallery.
  • Configure note templates for each project.

For example, if you're a content manager, Projects can help you manage your content calendar. Create drafts, keep track of their status, and when they are scheduled to be published.

If you'd like to see Projects in action, check out any of these amazing walkthroughs made by users:

Did I miss any? Let me know and I'll add them to the list!

Data sources

Projects uses data sources to query the notes to include in your project.

Data sources try to detect the type of each property in your notes, such as numbers or lists. If the data source detects multiple data types for a property, it falls back to use a text field.

Front matter

Collects note data from the YAML front matter in your notes. This is the default data source.


Collects note data from using a Dataview query. Dataview projects are read-only, meaning you can't edit the data from any the views.

To use the Dataview data source in your project:

  1. Under Obsidian Settings > Community plugins, install and enable the Dataview plugin.
  2. Create a new project, or edit an existing project.
  3. In the project settings, select Use Dataview.
  4. In Query, enter a Dataview TABLE query.
  5. Select Save.


Design decisions are guided by the following principles:

  • Leave no trace: The plugin must not leave any plugin-specific configuration in the notes, such as custom front matter properties. Notes may be shared with colleagues and teams who don't use Obsidian. If the user stops using this plugin, they shouldn't have to clean up all their notes.
  • Keep it native: The plugin should look and feel like it's native to Obsidian. The plugin should also prefer native Web APIs over custom components whenever possible.
  • Stability over features: This plugin is geared towards professionals with high demands on reliability. Any bug reports and usability issues will be prioritized over new features.


Check out the roadmap to see what's being worked on at the moment.

Help me prioritize work by adding a 👍 reaction to issues that are important to you (see the most requested issues).

For other ideas on how you can contribute, check the label on the issue:

Label Valid for Description Contribute
needs-triage kind/* I've seen the issue, but haven't had a chance to look into it.
triage/needs-information kind/* Issue lacks necessary information for me to make an informed decision. Share information about the issue or request.
triage/not-reproducible kind/bug Bugs that I haven't been able to confirm on my side. Share clues or steps to reproduce the bug.
triage/accepted kind/* Issue has been confirmed and receives a priority/* label.
needs-design kind/feature Issue needs design work before it can be worked on. Share insights into how you'd like the feature to work.
priority/awaiting-more-evidence kind/feature Issue is potentially useful, but needs more support from the community before it's ready to be worked on. Add reaction to the issue, or explain how the feature would be useful to you.
priority/backlog kind/feature Issue is ready to be worked on. Add a comment in the issue if you'd like to work on it.
priority/critical kind/bug Issue needs fixing before anything else. Have patience while I'm working on it ❤️


Project management for Obsidian

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