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A library of optimized variable fonts ready to use.

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A library of variable fonts optimized and ready to use

All the variable fonts found in Google Fonts as of today (22 March 2020) + Montserrat

  • optimized for Latin/European languages (latin subset with glyphhanger)

Example files

Netlify demo here

In the example folder, you'll find a basic example to show how to use variable fonts the easiest way.

Here are some key points:

  • It doesn't work on IE and other old browsers that don't support CSS Variables
  • This example uses variable fonts with 2 different files for normal and italic
  • If you use a variable font with no italic style file, you'll have a fake italic
  • To reduce the number of static fonts files loaded, we rely on fake italic when needed
  • If you want to use Inter variable font, it's another story because Slant is harder to setup than Italic 😨

Due to some inconsistencies with how browsers handle variable font files that contain both italic and upright variants, I recommend starting with the kind of "classic" setup I use in my example.

It's also easier to setup and the font-style: italic css property works as expected out of the box.


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A library of optimized variable fonts ready to use.


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