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Talkify is an open source framework with an aim to standardize and model conversational AI enabling development of personal assistants and chat bots. The mission of this framework is to make developing chat bots and personal assistants as easy as spinning up a simple website in html.

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Allow skills to view more metadata

manthanhd opened this issue · comments

I want to see following in request object:

sentences[] // array of sentences
currentSentence  // pointer to current sentence
currentSentenceIndex  // index of the current sentence

contexts[]  // array of current and previous context states
currentContext  // pointer to current state of context
currentContextIndex  // index of the current context

topics[]  // array of topics
currentTopic  // Pointer to current topic
currentTopicIndex  // index of the current topic

Not sure how best these things should be organised.

Need to refine more information about the context[] storage. Do we only save the final context[] or do we save all of them? What's the limit? That could be configurable in the config with a arbitrary number being the default (20 per Id?).

Current version of this makes sentence and skill (replaces topic) values to be available as part of the request metadata. Closed by #9.

Can't justify recording previous context values at the moment as currently it works by reference. Will consider when another issue is raised or this is reopened.

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