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Talkify is an open source framework with an aim to standardize and model conversational AI enabling development of personal assistants and chat bots. The mission of this framework is to make developing chat bots and personal assistants as easy as spinning up a simple website in html.

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Multi-sentence queries don't work properly when sentences are all lower case

manthanhd opened this issue · comments

Current logic relies on having an upper case letter followed by a whitespace after a period. So the following is fine:

Hello. How are you doing?

While this won't work:

hello. how are you doing?

Solution might involve capitalizing letters after spaces before splitting it but then it won't work with the following sentence:

Hello Mr. Anderson. How are you today?

That will detect three sentences like so:

Hello Mr.
How are you today?

Maybe certain words are excluded from sentence splitting and therefore are part of the same sentence?

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