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Scanning imgur for submissions of reddit users

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This python script enables you to pick a reddit user and automatically download all pictures he / she posted in Imgur links. The number of posts which are scanned can be specified by a number.



Python 2 or Python 3 must be installed on your computer.


To use this script, you will need the libraries praw and BeautifulSoup. They can be installed by the pip command through your command line as follows:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

After that, you're good to go!


To install simply clone the github repo and run

# Clone the Repo
$ git clone

# Install
$ python install


After installing the package, the console script reddit_scraper can now be used.


Choose a reddit user and download each of his or her Imgur submissions to your local hard drive

$ reddit_scraper User123 5

This command scrapes the last 5 posts of /u/User123, detects his Imgur submissions and downloads it to your desktop in a newly created folder called /User123/


Documentation available at readthedocs


A more pythonized programming style and documentation with Sphinx was contributed by Sang Han

Personal annotation

With this script I wanted to try out some techniques and skills, so it also had some personal goals:

  • Python (development & publishing / installing)
  • Web scraping
  • Using the social aspect of GitHub (pull requests, merging)


Scanning imgur for submissions of reddit users


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