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Kotlin website

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This repository is the source for

Website structure


Website page Source files
Main page templates/pages/index.html
Kotlin docs docs/topics
Community docs/pages/community
Education docs/pages/education

Note that source files for the server-side landing page and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile landing page are not publicly available.

Sources in different repositories

Source files for coroutine docs, and language specification are stored in separate repositories:

Website page GitHub repository
Coroutine docs kotlinx.coroutines
Language specification kotlin-spec

Auto-generated content

API reference documentation is generated based on comments in the Kotlin code. Learn more about documenting the Kotlin code.

The Kotlin grammar reference is generated by the Kotlin grammar generator from the Kotlin grammar definition.

Configuration files

Configuration File
Navigation and structure kr.tree for docs and _nav.yml for other pages
Variables, such as release version v.list for docs and releases.yml for other pages
Community events on the map events.xml
Video list (outdated) videos.yml


The Kotlin website uses Jinja2 templates from the templates directory. Note that all Markdown files, except for docs, are processed as Jinja templates before HTML conversion. This allows using all Jinja benefits for Markdown (for example, building URLs with the url_for function).


You can contribute to the Kotlin website by sending us a pull request. If you're going to propose a big change, discuss your idea with the team via

For the Kotlin documentation, follow these guidelines on style and formatting.

For other pages, follow the complete syntax reference at the kramdown site. You can also include metadata fields. Learn more in the Jekyll docs.

Local deployment

Currently, there is no way to deploy the Kotlin website locally. This ticket tracks the effort of adding support for local testing: KT-47049.

You can contribute to the Kotlin website by sending us a pull request.

Feedback and issues

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The Kotlin programming language website

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