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PyTorch code for CVPR 2018 paper: Learning to Compare: Relation Network for Few-Shot Learning (Zero-Shot Learning part)

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Performance on AwA1

aditya-jonnalagadda opened this issue · comments

Hi, I ran the default code to get the performance on AwA1. I got the following performance which is not as good as reported in the paper.

zsl: 0.6668425681618294
gzsl: seen=0.9183, unseen=0.1810, h=0.3024
save networks for episode: 45999

Can you please let me know what parameters needs to be used in order the get the performance you reported in the paper?


@aditya-jonnalagadda I also have problems to reproduce the results, have you fixed it yet?

@aditya-jonnalagadda @hawklucky Hi Both, please use early stopping in this demo code. The performances are already printed.