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Davinci is a DVsaaS (Data Visualization as a Service) Platform

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Davinci - DVaaS (Data Visualization as a Service) Solution

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Davinci is oriented towards product managers, business people, data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, etc. It aims to provide a one-stop data visualization solution, which could be both independently used as public cloud/private cloud and integrated into third-party systems as plugin. A simple configuration on Davinci UI can meet multiple visualization requirements. It also supports other visualization features like advanced interaction, industry analysis, pattern searching, social intelligence, etc.

Design Philosophy

  • Focus on two key concepts, data view (View in Davinci) and visual components (Widget in Davinci)

    • Structural data is presented in Davinci View, from which all the logic, authorization and service are derived.
    • Visual data is presented in Davinci Widget, from which all the display, interaction and guidance are derived.
    • View and Widget supplement each other, providing users consistent experience and perception.
  • Strengthen integration and customization capability as well as sharing and intelligence capability

    • Integration and customization capability means Davinci could seamlessly integrate into third-party systems and be customized, combining with third-party systems.
    • Sharing and intelligence capability means users could share their dashboards with others, which stimulates them to improve the visualization ability both in aesthetic perception and technical skills.
    • In the field of data visualization, Davinci attaches great importance to basic interaction ability and various chart options; meanwhile, it lays more stress on integration and customization capability as well as sharing and intelligence capability.


  • Data Source Support
    • Files in CSV format
    • JDBC data source
  • Data View Support
    • Customized SQL template
    • SQL highlighting
    • SQL test
    • WriteBack mode
  • Visual Components Support
    • Pre-defined charts
    • Controller components
    • Free Styles
  • Interaction Support
    • Visual components displayed in full screen
    • Local controller for visual components
    • Filtering and cooperation among visual components
    • Group control for visual components
    • Local advanced filter for visual components
    • Paging mode and slider for huge volumes of data
  • Integration Support
    • Upload visual components in CSV format
    • Share visual components in a common/authorized way
    • Share dashboard in a common/authorized way
  • Security Permission Support
    • Row permission and column permission
    • Integration of LDAP sign-in

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Please refer to LICENSE file.


Davinci is a DVsaaS (Data Visualization as a Service) Platform

License:Apache License 2.0


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