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This is the code written for my new book about visual SLAM. It will come in April 2017. I am reviewing the context and codes right now.

It is highy recommended to download the code and run it in you machine because you can learn more and even modify it by doing so. In this repo, the code is stored by chapters like "ch2" and "ch4". Note that chapter 9 is a project so I stored it in the "project" directory.

If you have any questions about the code, please add an issue so I can solve it. Contact me for more information: gaoxiang12 dot mails dot tsinghua dot edu dot cn.

These codes are under MIT license. You don't need permission to use it or change it. But I recommed to cite this book if you are doing academic works.

Please cite: Xiang Gao, Tao Zhang, Yi Liu, Qinrui Yan, 14 Lectures on Visual SLAM: From Theory to Practice, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2017.

In LaTeX: @Book{Gao2017SLAM, title={14 Lectures on Visual SLAM: From Theory to Practice}, publisher = {Publishing House of Electronics Industry}, year = {2017}, author = {Xiang Gao and Tao Zhang and Yi Liu and Qinrui Yan}, }

For English readers, we are currently translating this book into an online verion, see this page for details.


  • ch1 Preface
  • ch2 Overview of SLAM & linux, cmake
  • ch3 Rigid body motion & Eigen
  • ch4 Lie group and Lie Algebra & Sophus
  • ch5 Cameras and Images & OpenCV
  • ch6 Non-linear optimization & Ceres, g2o
  • ch7 Feature based Visual Odometry
  • ch8 Direct (Intensity based) Visual Odometry
  • ch9 Project
  • ch10 Back end optimization & Ceres, g2o
  • ch11 Pose graph and Factor graph & g2o, gtsam
  • ch12 Loop closure & DBoW3
  • ch13 Dense reconstruction & REMODE, Octomap

slambook (中文说明)



如果你在运行代码中发现问题,请在这里提交一个issue,我就能看到它。如果你有更多的问题,请给我发邮件:gaoxiang12 dot mails dot tsinghua dot edu dot cn.


引用格式: 高翔, 张涛, 颜沁睿, 刘毅, 视觉SLAM十四讲:从理论到实践, 电子工业出版社, 2017

LaTeX格式: @Book{Gao2017SLAM, title={视觉SLAM十四讲:从理论到实践}, publisher = {电子工业出版社}, year = {2017}, author = {高翔 and 张涛 and 刘毅 and 颜沁睿}, lang = {zh} }


  • ch2 概述,cmake基础
  • ch3 Eigen,三维几何
  • ch4 Sophus,李群与李代数
  • ch5 OpenCV,图像与相机模型
  • ch6 Ceres and g2o,非线性优化
  • ch7 特征点法视觉里程计
  • ch8 直接法视觉里程计
  • ch9 project
  • ch10 Ceres and g2o,后端优化1
  • ch11 g2o and gtsam,位姿图优化
  • ch12 DBoW3,词袋方法
  • ch13 稠密地图构建



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License:MIT License


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