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A Simple ChatBot Based Encoder-Decoder

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A Simple ChatBot Based Encoder-Decoder

This is a implementation of simplified and modular version of pytorch CHATBOT TUTORIAL


datasets/conversations.csv contain formatted and preprocessed conversations from Cornell Movie-Dialogs Corpus.

train model


You can configure encoder-decoder model in

Evaluate model

Modify model_path variable in into your trained model path

Run python3 to chat with your trained model

output example:

Load checkpint...
Input> hello?
Chat_bot>  hello .
Input> where am I?
Chat_bot>  you re going to bed .
Input> how are you doing?
Chat_bot>  fine .
Input> are you my friend?
Chat_bot>  yes .
Input> you're under arrest
Chat_bot>  you re not here .
Input> i'm just kidding
Chat_bot>  no you re not .
Input> where are you from?
Chat_bot>  i m here .
Input> it's time for me to leave
Chat_bot>  i m sorry .
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A Simple ChatBot Based Encoder-Decoder


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