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100+ Professional UI implementations with Code in Flutter. Available in Android, iOS, Linux and Web

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Flutter UI Challenges

My effort on replicating various apps UI on flutter.

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Building and running the code [ Updated ]

  • Thank you all for your tremendous support. With latest update, I have removed all firebase dependency, and project now runs on web and desktop as well. Please use flutter master channel to run and build. If you want previous version with firebase please checkout with-firebase branch.

Table of contents


  1. Damodar Lohani
  2. [Aparna Dulal] (https://github.com/ambikadulal)
  3. Sudip Thapa
  4. Shyam Adhikari (UI/UX Designer)
  5. Mausam Rayamajhi
  6. Siddhartha Joshi

Packages Used


The code for Springy Widget is taken and refactored from (https://github.com/matthew-carroll/flutter_ui_challenge_springy_slider)



User Flow Screens

Settings UIs

Dashboard UIs

Quotes App UIs

Motorbike App UIs

Profile Screens

Inviation App UI

Lists UIs


Onboarding Screens

(Smart walled onboarding is from https://www.uplabs.com/posts/smart-wallet-onboarding)

miscellaneous widgets


Food App

Quiz App

Todo App

Hotel App

Travel App

grocery App UI Kit

(design credit: https://www.uplabs.com/posts/grocery-app-kit)

Whats implemented

  • Working bottom navigator to show different pages
  • Navigation push/pop to show details page
  • Stateless & Stateful Widgets
  • Custom widgets for list items, category items etc.

Bank App Clone

Bank app clone by Mausam Rayamajhi

Furniture App UI

Furniture App by Mausam Rayamajhi

Plant App UI

Plant UI Clone by Ambika Dulal

TravelUi Clone

Furniture App by Ambika Dulal

Wallet App Clone

Furniture App by Ambika Dulal

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100+ Professional UI implementations with Code in Flutter. Available in Android, iOS, Linux and Web

License:MIT License


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