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Status: Pre-Alpha.

We have achieved most of the architectural goals and new features planned for v3:

  • Compiler

    • Modular architecture
    • "Block tree" optimization
    • More aggressive static tree hoisting
    • Source map support
    • Built-in identifier prefixing (aka "stripWith")
    • Built-in pretty-printing
    • Lean ~10kb brotli-compressed browser build after dropping source map and identifier prefixing
  • Runtime

    • Significantly faster
    • Simultaneous Composition API + Options API support, with typings
    • Proxy-based change detection
    • Fragments
    • Portals
    • Suspense w/ async setup()

However, there are still some 2.x parity features not completed yet:

  • <transition>
  • v-show with transition
  • Server-side rendering

The current implementation also requires native ES2015+ in the runtime environment and does not support IE11 (yet).


See Contributing Guide.


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