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Visual Studio Code extension to sort lines of text

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Sort lines of text in Visual Studio Code. The following types of sorting are supported:

Command Title Comments
sortLines.sortLines Sort lines (ascending, case sensitive) Keybound to F9*
sortLines.sortLinesCaseInsensitive Sort lines (ascending, case insensitive)
sortLines.sortLinesCaseInsensitiveUnique Sort lines (unique ascending, case insensitive)
sortLines.sortLinesReverse Sort lines (descending, case sensitive) Reverse character code based sort
sortLines.sortLinesLineLength Sort lines (line length ascending)
sortLines.sortLinesLineLengthReverse Sort lines (line length descending)
sortLines.sortLinesVariableLength Sort lines (variable length ascending)
sortLines.sortLinesVariableLengthReverse Sort lines (variable length descending)
sortLines.sortLinesNatural Sort lines (natural) Sorts alphabetically but groups multi-digit numbers (Wikipedia)
sortLines.sortLinesUnique Sort lines (unique ascending, case sensitive) Regular character code keeping only unique items
sortLines.sortLinesShuffle Sort lines (shuffle)
sortLines.removeDuplicateLines Sort lines (remove duplicate lines)

* Note that this overrides the toggle breakpoint keybinding, you can unbind it by adding this to your keybindings.json file:

`{ "key": "f9", "command": "-sortLines.sortLines", "when": "editorTextFocus" }`


Name Description Default
sortLines.filterBlankLines (boolean) Filter out blank (empty or whitespace-only) lines. false
sortLines.sortEntireFile (boolean) Sort entire file if no selection is active. false


  1. Open VS Code
  2. Press F1
  3. Type "install"
  4. Select "Extensions: Install Extension".
  5. Select sort-lines from the list

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Select the lines to sort, press F1 type sort and select the desired sort. The regular sort has the default hotkey F9.

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Visual Studio Code extension to sort lines of text

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