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Dark Themes for Popular Websites

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Darkness: Dark Themes for Popular Websites

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Darkness is a Chrome extension that provides dark themes for popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Gmail and YouTube.

Using dark themes reduces the eye strain and fatigue caused by a bright screen, helps you sleep faster and better at night, and generally makes you awesome!

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  • Supports 8 websites: Google, Facebook, Gmail, Inbox, YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, ShareLaTeX (help us add more)
  • Boasts 3 color schemes: Iceberg, Tomorrow, Material (help us add more)
  • Written in JavaScript, uses SASS
  • Self-hosted. Easy to install on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Also available on Chrome Web Store.


Installing Darkness Developer Edition:

  1. Recommended: join our developers community to discuss and ask questions.
  2. Fork the Darkness repo:
  3. Clone your fork locally:
    • If you use SSH: git clone
    • or using HTTPS: git clone
  4. Go to the root Darkness directory: cd darkness
  5. Set up a the original repo as a remote:
    • If you use SSH: git remote add upstream
    • or using HTTPS: git remote add upstream
  6. Get the code: git fetch upstream
  7. Install Node.js, unless you already have it installed
  8. Install packages and compile all SCSS files to CSS: npm install (run it from the same directory as package.json)

Loading it in Chrome:

  1. On Chrome, browse to chrome://extensions
  2. If you have already Darkness installed, disable it
  3. Check Developer mode in the top of the Extensions page
  4. Click Load unpacked extension...
  5. Choose the sub-directory darkness/darkness-chrome (where manifest.json resides)

To keep Darkness up-to-date, please pull occasionally:

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
npm install

Contributing fixes and new themes

Pull requests are welcome! Please see our contribution guide to quickly improve and extend Darkness.

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Dark Themes for Popular Websites


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