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React: CSS in JS techniques comparison.

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React: CSS in JS techniques comparison.


Inside each package folder, run:

npm i
npm run build && open index.html


How to read the table

More crosses doesn't mean "better", it depends on your needs. For example, if a package supports the css file extraction you can run the autoprefixing at build time.

Package Version Automatic Vendor Prefixing Pseudo Classes Media Queries Styles As Object Literals Extract CSS File
aphrodite 0.1.2 x x x x x
babel-plugin-css-in-js 1.2.2 x x x x x
bloody-react-styled 3.0.0 x x
classy 0.3.0 x x x
csjs 1.0.0 x x
css-constructor 0.1.1 x x x
css-loader 0.15.6 x x x
css-ns 1.0.0 x x x
cssobj 0.2.21 x x x x
cssx-loader 3.8.0 x x x x
es-css-modules 1.2.3 x x x
glamor 2.1.0 x x x x x
glamorous 1.0.1 x x x x x
hyperstyles 3.3.0 x x x
j2c 0.10.0 x x x x
jsxstyle 0.0.14 x x
pre-style 1.0.9-alpha x x x
radium 0.13.5 x x x x
react-css-builder 0.2.0 x
react-css-components 0.6.9 x x x
react-css-modules 3.0.2 x x x
react-cxs 1.0.0-beta.4 x x x x
react-fela 2.1.0 x x x x x
react-free-style 0.6.0 x x x x
react-inline-css 1.2.0 x x
react-inline-style 0.1.0 x x x x
react-inline 0.6.3 x x x x x
react-jss 2.0.5 x x x x x
react-look 0.6.1 x x x x
react-native-web 0.0.11 x x x
react-statics-styles 3.0.2 x x x
react-styl 0.0.1 x x
react-style 0.5.5 x x x
react-styleable 1.4.0 x x x
react-stylematic 1.0.1 x x x x x
react-theme 0.1.4 x
react-vstyle 0.1.0 x x x x x
reactcss 0.3.2 x x
scope-styles 0.6.0 x x x x
smart-css 1.1.1 x x x
stile + react-media-queries 2.0.0 x x x
stilr 1.1.0 x x x x
style-it 1.2.9 x x
styled-components 1.0.3 x x x
styled-jsx 0.0.7 x x x x
styletron-react 2.1.2 x x x x x
styling 0.2.0 x x x
typestyle 0.22.3 x x x x
uranium 0.1.2 x x


"Wow, this totally makes my week!" - Dan Abramov

"nice compilation of css-in-js techniques" - TJ Holowaychuk

SurviveJS / Styling React by Juho Vepsäläinen

The Case for CSS Modules by Mark Dalgleish

First Class Styles by Mark Dalgleish

Styling React.JS applications by Max Stoiber


If your package is not listed here, feel free to add it.


React: CSS in JS techniques comparison.


Language:JavaScript 72.7%Language:HTML 20.9%Language:CSS 6.1%Language:Makefile 0.3%