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Micronaut GraphQL + AWS Lambda (API Gateway)

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Initial Deploy as AWS Lambda

You can use the AWS CLI to quickly deploy your application to AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway with your SAM template.

You will need an S3 bucket to store the artifacts for deployment. Once you have created the S3 bucket, run the following command from the project's root folder - where the sam.yaml file is located:

aws cloudformation package --template-file sam.yaml --output-template-file output-sam.yaml --s3-bucket micronaut-person-deploy

As the command output suggests, you can now use the cli to deploy the application. Run the aws cloudformation deploy command from the output of the package command.

aws cloudformation deploy --template-file output-sam.yaml --stack-name micronaut-person-lambda --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

Once the application is deployed, you can describe the stack to show the API endpoint that was created. The endpoint should be the micronaut-person-lambda key of the Outputs property:

aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name micronaut-person-lambda

For example, the client can post the GraphQL query to the following URL of AWS Lambda:

Continuous Deploy with Github Action

For the detail of build pipeline, please refer to the workflow file.

Local Development

Running test with the following command:

gradlew test

Running app with the following command:

gradlew run
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Micronaut GraphQL + AWS Lambda (API Gateway)


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