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Links in jquery.qtip.css are not correct

yambrosov opened this issue · comments

While processing /plugins/jquery-validation-ui-1.2.2/css/qTip/jquery.qtip.css, a resource was required but not found: /plugins/jquery-validation-ui-1.2.2/css/qTip/images/close.png

For example:

.ui-tooltip .ui-tooltip-close .ui-icon{
background: #A27D35 url('images/close.png') no-repeat 50% 50%;

It is causes browser to be in 404 (Not Found) much times (((

Thanks for report this issue. Can you try to comment out those css code refer to url('images/xxx.png') and see what happen? I couldn't found any images in qtip2 code base also at

I believe the css used for qtip2 is old and/or incorrect. We need to update to the latest js and css, and this will go away as it seems that images are not used anymore.

fixed in 1.3 release

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