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Can I change the qTip version?

bwilson opened this issue · comments

I am using qTip 2.2.0 elsewhere in my project. I would like to try using it with this plugin, however the plugin is using qTip 2.0.0, which is incompatible with jQuery 1.9. I get JavaScript errors when I try to use it.

What is the best way to use the newer version of qTip with jquery-validation-ui?

My solution was to not use the taglib for including the resources for this plugin. Instead, I just include this line in my xxResources.groovy:

resource id:"validation-methods", url:[plugin:'jqueryValidationUi', dir:'js/jquery-validation-ui', file:'grails-validation-methods.js']

This allows me to just include the plugin resources and include qTip separately.

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