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Sintax error in v1.4.8

nelsongallardo opened this issue · comments

Hi, I've tried to update this plugin to the latest version (1.4.8) but I'm having a sintax error in FireBug.

SyntaxError: syntax error
url: '/testJQ/JQueryRemoteValidator/validate',

Where the sintax error is with these characters: "&#39"
This is not happening with the previous version.


Thanks for report the error. Appreciate if you could share more information about the error and the project.

It is ok, I think I get it.

May I know in which version of Grails are you using the plugin? This issue not happened to Grails 2.3.1

Hi, I'm using Grails 2.3.0, maybe it is because of that! I will try upgrading to 2.3.1, thanks!

It's really weird, I'm using grails 2.3.4 and still getting this error, even with jquery-validation-ui 1.4.9. It's only working with v 1.4.7, the error is that something is escaping the single quote ( ' ) and instead putting &#39.

url: '/JQueryRemoteValidator/validate',


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