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Broken link to Java API

MrDourado opened this issue · comments

Thanks for report this issue. That's wasn't any Java API and Groovy API, those links are misleading, please refer to User Guide at

Roger that! But, is possible use this fantastic solution with Java?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you use GORM in java application. No, in a pure Java JPA application, unless you port the solution to JSR 303: Bean Validation, I gladly support you to do so.

Hope this help.

Great, thanks for help. I will fork and think about make this contribution to community

Great! Please don't hesitate to send me questions when you have any doubt.

Hi there, I think you might be interested to this lib at

How was your development for JSR 303? FYI, I just release 1.3 of the plugin, please see full release note at

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