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upgrade all packages for full support of null-safety

lucmichalski opened this issue · comments


Hi @limcheekin ,

Hope you are all well ! and happy new year !

I was playing with your great project and one thing that was obvious to me is that you should maybe upgrade all packages for full null-safety support

What do you think about that ?


Hi there,

Thanks for raising the issue. I aware that some of the modules of the project is not migrated to null-safety yet, hence the project is not sound null-safety. In fact, issue #1 is keep track the migration works. Back then one of the dependency of a module is, hence I put the migration works on hold until charts_flutter migrated to null-safety then I continue the migration works of the project.

The charts_flutter is now null-safety, however my work priority was shifted to blockchain development few months ago, please find out more at

Hence, I will resume the work here only when I need to work on Flutter project, will close this issue as it is duplicate of issue #1.

The app is now sound null safety :)

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