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A ethereum digital wallet written in dart and flutter framework.

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Ethereum wallet using an ERC-20 smart contract.

A digital wallet app, developed in dart language and flutter framework. The idea is to help developers to understand how to build dApps using blockchain and associated technologies. This app can transfer tokens from one wallet to another, through an ERC-20 Ethereum contract.

What's being used

Wallet Change network Transfer tokens
Your wallet Change network Transfer tokens

Getting started

How to watch/build autogenerated files

$ flutter packages pub run build_runner build   # to build
$ flutter packages pub run build_runner watch   # to watch

How to run the app

$ flutter pub get packages
$ flutter packages pub run build_runner build
$ flutter run

running on the browser

$ flutter run -d web-server

How to run tests

$ flutter test

Wallet balance

For those who don't want to play with smart contracts yet, you can claim some test coins (tokens) and ether using the following links or check out this repo to understand how to deploy your own contract.

Transfer test TOKENS to your wallet:

After setting up your wallet, you will need some tokens to play with. Use the link below to transfer some tokens to your wallet.

Transfer test Ether to your wallet

To process transactions on the network, you will also need ETH to pay transaction fees, called gas. You also can claim some to test your wallet. Each network has its own faucet.

just be patient, the transaction might take a while to be processed.

The smart contract

Feel free to check out the smart contract used in this project

Buy me a coffee

If you enjoy my work, a small donation would be greatly appreciated.



Copyright © 2019-present Allan Clempe. This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE.txt file.

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A ethereum digital wallet written in dart and flutter framework.

License:MIT License


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