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Python library for Java .properties file parsing

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A python library for parsing and handling Java .properties files.


To build, run the following command:

 $ python build

To install, preferably into a virtual environment:

 $ python install


A Properties object is, on the outside, a simple key-value store.

Initialize it as such:

from jproperties import Properties

p = Properties()

# Or with default values:
p2 = Properties({"foo": "bar"})

The usual dictionary interfaces are available:

p2["key"] = "value"
for key in p2.keys():
	print(key, p2[key])

Note that keys and values are all expected to be and be treated as strings.

To serialize the object into the .properties format, turn it into a string:

with open("", "w") as f:

To read an existing properties file, use Properties.load() on an already- instanced Properties object.. That method expects a file-like object that supports the readlines() method.

with open("", "r") as f:

Note that comments and blank lines are loaded into the Properties object's nodes when using load(), and will be serialized in str().

If comments and blank lines are unimportant and you want to get rid of them, you can create a new Properties object from an existing one's keys:

p3 = Properties(p2.keys())


Python library for Java .properties file parsing


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