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A text replacement based faster rcnn data interface generator

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Python Faster-RCNN Data Interface Generator

The purpose of this tool is to generate dataset interface of Faster-RCNN(FRCN) that can help you to deploy training on your own dataset as fast as possible.


This tool will generate dataset interface like, and Also a set of net prototxt files like py-faster-rcnn/models/pascal_voc. And a bash script similar to py-faster-rcnn/experiments/scripts/

Before using this generator, please make sure you have already set up a voc-like tree structure of your dataset(in your py-faster-rcnn/data/ folder):

	└── data
		├── Annotations
		│   └── *.xml
		├── ImageSets
		│   └── Main
		│       ├── train.txt
		│       └── test.txt
		└── JPEGImages
    			└── *.jpg

Then you can run the to generate interface, prototxt and script files


--froot: absolute path to your faster-rcnn root.

--idname: name your dataset, whatever you want. It will be used in the future training.

--cls: class names in your dataset, use comma to split them (e.g: cat,dog,tiger)

--dvkt: absolute path to your dataset devkit(mentioned above)

notice that

Please notice that, the tool will do everything automatically for you except for generating of file.

In case of changing this file without any backup, the tool will not overwrite it but create a new <idname> file for you.

You have 2 options to complete the last step manually:

  1. Backup the original file and replace it with the generating one.
  2. Copy the code block displayed in the task summary into the


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A text replacement based faster rcnn data interface generator


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