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A basic SvelteKit example webapp using sveltekit-adapter-aws.

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SvelteKit Adapter AWS Basic Example

Demonstrates a basic deployed sample webapp on AWS https://sveltekit-adapter-aws-basic-demo.mikebild.com using SvelteKit Adapter AWS.

  1. Setup your AWS Account using the AWS-CLI or AWS-Vault
  2. Clone the repo and install dependencies
git clone git@github.com:MikeBild/sveltekit-adapter-aws-basic-example.git
cd sveltekit-adapter-aws-basic-example
yarn add aws-cdk sveltekit-adapter-aws
yarn && yarn build
  1. Setup and deploy to AWS svelte.config.js
import { adapter } from 'sveltekit-adapter-aws';
import preprocess from 'svelte-preprocess';

export default {
	preprocess: preprocess(),
	kit: {
		adapter: adapter({
			autoDeploy: true,
			FQDN: 'sveltekit-adapter-aws-basic-demo.example.com',
			stackName: 'sveltekit-adapter-aws-basic-demo'


A basic SvelteKit example webapp using sveltekit-adapter-aws.


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