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Cross provider Kubernetes image building utility.

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Image Builder

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What is the Image Builder?

The Image Builder is a collection of cross-provider Kubernetes virtual machine image building utilities.

There are currently 3 distinct tools in this repo:

Each project is independent from each other, with the goal of eventually merging into a single tool.

The konfigadm directory contains manifests for use with the konfigadm CLI.

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  • To build images for Kubernetes-conformant clusters in a consistent way across infrastructures, providers, and business needs.
    • To install all software, containers, and configuration needed by downstream tools such as Cluster API providers, to enable them to pass conformance tests
    • Support end users requirements to customize images for their business needs.
  • To provide assurances in the binaries and configuration in images for purposes of security auditing and operational stability.
    • Allow introspection of artifacts, software versions, and configurations in a given image.
    • Support repeatable build processes where the same inputs of requested install versions result in the same installed binaries.
  • To ensure that the creation of images is performed via well defined phases. Where users could choose specific phases that they needed.


  • To provide upgrade or downgrade semantics.
  • To provide guarantees that the software installed provides a fully functional system.
  • To prescribe the hardware architecture of the build system.


  • Centralize the various image builders into this repository
  • Create a binary that simplifies the consumption of image-builder
  • Create a versioning policy
  • Automate the building of images
  • Publish images off master to facilitate E2E testing and the removal of k/k/cluster
  • Create a bill of materials for each image and allow it to be used to recreate an image
  • Automate the testing of images for kubernetes node conformance
  • Automate the security scanning of images for CVE's
  • Publish Demo / POC images to coincide with each new patch version of kubernetes to facilitate Cluster API adoption
  • Automate the periodic scanning of images for new CVE's
  • (Stretch Goal) Publish Production ready images with a clear support contract for handling CVE's. Due to the high-level of commitment and effort required to support production images, this will only be done once all the pre-conditions are met including:
    • Create an on-call rotation with sufficient volunteers to provide 365/24/7 coverage
    • Ensure all licensing requirements are met


Cross provider Kubernetes image building utility.

License:Apache License 2.0


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