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Note: This is no longer maintained, since we no longer use Phabricator. This repository preserves the code in case anyone else wants to use and maintain it.

For large or complex changes, it can be a lot easier to do code review from your IDE, with familiar syntax highlighting and code intelligence features.

Use arc patch D123 to check out a revision.

Soft-reset your repo to HEAD^ using git reset --soft HEAD^. The changes you want to review are now staged ("Changes to be committed"). The changes will be highlighted and can easily be reviewed inside the IDE. Any modifications to the repository you make will be unstaged ("Changes not staged for commit").

Once you're done, use the reflog to go back to where you were using git reset HEAD@{1}. The unstaged changes you made on HEAD^ will survive, and you can commit them (in order to create a stacked follow-up revision), and submit inlinereview comments.

The inlinereview tool can submit draft code review comments added as unstaged changes in your local Git working copy. You need to use the following comment syntax:

+//% This is a code review comment. It can include Remarkup:
+//%   - This is a multi-line list
+//%   - Lorem Ipsum
 consensusCerts, err := s.consensusService.IssueCertificate(req.Host)
 if err != nil {
     nil, err

Run the tool once in your working directory, and your comments will visible as unsubmitted drafts in Phabricator. You can then complete the review in Phabricator and submit it.

IntelliJ highlighting

You can add a custom style for %\s.+ in Editor → TODO to get highlighting:



You can then add a TODO filter to see a list of all pending comments:



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