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paperlike-go is a Linux Go library and CLI utility to control a Dasung Paperlike display via I2C DDC.

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Please specify device path

ZacharieALES opened this issue · comments

Thanks for the tool, I am eager to use it but I have not made it work yet. This is certainly due to basic mistakes so sorry if I ask stupid questions.

I have the following error when I use paperlike-cli -clear:
2021/04/21 09:13:43 please specify device path

I am not sure I adapted correctly these commands from the readme:

echo "SUBSYSTEM==\"i2c-dev\", GROUP=\"your-group-here\", MODE=\"0660\"" | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/50-i2c.rules
sudo udevadm trigger

The command ddcutil gave me the following line for the paperlike:
I2C bus: /dev/i2c-7

So I replaced in the command i2c-dev with i2c-7.
I also replaced your-group-here with my username (which seems to be a group according to less /etc/group).

Are these the correct modifications? Should I do any other modification?

Ok, my bad I did not see I had to specify the path in the command. Now this works:
sudo paperlike-cli -clear -i2c /dev/i2c-7

However, if I do not use sudo I get:
2021/04/21 09:22:10 open /dev/i2c-7: permission denied

So I still think I missed something in the configuration.

I made it work by using sudo chmod 777 i2c-7.
Don't know if there was a better solution.

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