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Add example project

PaulRBerg opened this issue · comments

I'm familiar with upgradeable contracts, but the Diamond Standard is a peculiar implementation.

An example project that shows how to import the library and use it in a base Counter or Greeter contract would be awesome.


Check out the example contract I used in the Contracts directory:

There is one proxy contract and two logic contracts. I deployed them on mainnet and called the set command which generated this tx to associate the logic contracts & function selectors with the proxy ->

Sorry, what I meant is separate the core contracts from the example.

Maybe worth publishing this as an npm package and have another repo refer to it by importing the core contracts from node_modules.


Yep. Ideally, the core components would be a package and the example project would be separate. Unfortunately, I'm swamped and don't have the bandwidth this month. Releasing this is better than releasing nothing. At some point, I will make it into a python package.