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Stack Overflow theme for JSON Resume

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Stack Overflow theme for jsonresume npm version

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Getting started

Install the command line

Create your resume in json on jsonresume

The official resume-cli to run the development server.

Go ahead and install it:

sudo npm install -g resume-cli

Install and serve theme

This is a theme for JSON Resume. It is available via npm:

npm install jsonresume-theme-stackoverflow

then change directory:

cd node_modules/jsonresume-theme-stackoverflow/

And simply run:

resume serve

You should now see this message:

Preview: http://localhost:4000
Press ctrl-c to stop

Social Profiles Icons

Profiles supported with brand colors:

github, stack overflow, linkedin, dribbble, twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, soundcloud, wordpress, youtube, flickr, google plus, tumblr, foursquare.

To have a social icon close the social link profile (or username) it is enough to set a network the name of the Social Network (es: 'Stack Overflow').

Support to extra fields

With stackowerflow theme it is possible to add:

  • keywords to each 'work', 'publication' and 'volunteer' item
  • summaryto each 'interests' and 'education' item
  • location to each 'work', 'education' and 'volunteer' item

example of the extra location object:

"location": {
	"city": "Zürich",
	"countryCode": "CH",
	"region": "Switzerland"


Fork the project, add your feature (or fix your bug) and open a pull request OR

Open an issue if you find find or if you would like to have extra fields or changes


Available under the MIT license.


Stack Overflow theme for JSON Resume


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