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The official website of 1x Engineers around the world

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This repo is the source of, a website illustrating what a 1x engineer really is.


Want to help contribute to Cool! Feel free to PR whatever you think is appropriate and fitting with the theme, as long as your contributions are in-line with the project's Code of Conduct. I'll try to be on top of PRs, and will add those who get involved with the project beyond single PRs as collaborators.

New Traits

Feel free to add new traits of 1x developers. We generally try to keep traits free of blame, and be sure not to exclude 1x developers in the phrasing or intent of the traits.

Editing Traits

If there are refinements that can be made to existing traits to make them more accurate or inclusive of 1x developers, please feel free to make them – your contributions are more than welcome.

Additionally, if you feel that a trait doesn't represent 1x developers, please feel free to remove it and share why. This project goes both ways.


Since this is a very human-focused project, it will attract troll Pull Requests, Issues, and comments. Please don't. If you do, we'll just block you from the repository.


Want to show off your 1x Engineer status on your own projects/webpages? Well, we've got a badge for that!

1x-badge is available by referencing the following image:

You can use the styles options from the Shields project to customize.


  • Brandon Olin, who tweeted properties of a 1x engineer.
  • VC Dude, who tweeted about 10x engineers that got twitter super excited about revolting against the concept of 10x engineers.
  •, for being awesome
  • NES.CSS, for being really pretty


The official website of 1x Engineers around the world

License:MIT License