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Invalid window id: 1000 after switching between a file and nvim-tree

JLighter opened this issue · comments

Hello !
I'm experiencing an error after switch from a file to the nvim-tree.

To reproduce :

  • I open neovim on my current directory (nvim .)
  • open a file
  • hit CTRL-o (or CTRL-^) to go back to the explorer
  • try to open a file (the same file or another)
  • I now see this error and cannot open any file anymore :
    E5108: Error executing lua ...te/pack/packer/start/nvim-tree.lua/lua/nvim-tree/lib.lua:100: Invalid window id: 1000 stack traceback: [C]: in function 'nvim_win_get_cursor' ...te/pack/packer/start/nvim-tree.lua/lua/nvim-tree/lib.lua:100: in function 'get_node_at_cursor' ...m/site/pack/packer/start/nvim-tree.lua/lua/nvim-tree.lua:160: in function 'on_keypress' [string ":lua"]:1: in main chunk

Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks in advance

I get this too, just updated

Hi, sorry for the late answer.
I was not able to reproduce, could you share a minimal configuration file please ?

Hi again, i've made a lot of changes these last weeks, does this issue still appear ?

Hi ! I cannot go back to the tree buffer when hitting C-o or C-^ anymore so the bug is no longer relevant.

hi :) i'll close this then, let me know if this happen again

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