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Weird behavior when changing buffers while notify popup is still present

dkeithdj opened this issue · comments

With reference to issue #859

It works fine now, although there's some weird behavior where the popup will freeze when a new buffer is opened
but you can just CTRL-W-O it to close the popup. Not that I get errors often but there's that.

NOTE: This bug only occurs when you start nvim with nvim-tree such as nvim .

Added gif for visualization

Hi !
is this issue still present ?

Hello, it's somewhat fine now, I can move through the file, but the notify popup won't close, it just stays there.

Are you sure this is caused by nvim-tree ? I don't see why it would conflict with the notifier

I think it's not with nvim-tree anymore, but will close now, as I can just o it. Thankss

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