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Staged folder is not shown as staged with git icons after staging it

MarkoSagadin opened this issue · comments


Neovim version

NVIM v0.6.0
Build type: Release
LuaJIT 2.0.5
Compiled by builduser

Nvim-tree version

Describe the bug
I have started changing the git icons that are shown in the nvim-tree and I have noticed that that the git icon in-front of a folder does not change from a cross to a check tick when I add a folder with git add. I commented out any extra options and tried out to get the git signs working just with minimal configuration:

local status_ok, nvimtree = pcall(require, "nvim-tree")
if not status_ok then


The problem still persists.

Below picture shows what I mean, before calling git add lua the icons are like this:

After I run git add lua the icons change like this:


As you can see the files in the folder as properly checked as added, but the folders are not.

Additionally I have not found this in the Readme, but is the Nvim tree supposed to refresh itself? In order to see changes in the git signs I either have to restart neovim or manually call :NvimTreeRefresh command.

I have the same issue but :NvimTreeRefresh dont update the git icon in-front of folders

Same issue on my side. I tried experimenting on nvim_tree.setup.git.timeout and g:nvim_tree_git_hl both did not work. But weirdly enough, saving the staged file again, refreshes the git status in nvim-tree.

nvim-tree doesn't refresh itself if using an external git command, it refreshes itself when using either neogit or fugitive.
This should be implemented, it is not yet, that's why it's showing 'dirty' instead of 'staged'.
UPDATE: my bad i forgot to port this when rewriting the git module --'

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