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Untracked directories shown as dirty.

hgaiser opened this issue · comments

Arch Linux.

Neovim version

Nvim-tree version

Describe the bug
Directories that only have untracked files in them are incorrectly shown as dirty (NvimTreeGitDirty).

To Reproduce
Take the following example:

mkdir /tmp/foo
cd /tmp/foo
git init
mkdir bar
touch bar/foobar
git status --porcelain=v1 --untracked-files=all

This outputs:

?? bar/foobar

Which means the file foobar will (correctly) show as untracked. The directory bar however will show as dirty because it doesn't appear in this list (and the default behavior is to visualize it as dirty then), even if it's entire content is untracked. Running the following:

git status --porcelain=v1


?? bar/

Which would mean the directory would (correctly) be shown as untracked. But this doesn't tell us anything about the files inside bar so we can't determine their icons.

A proposed solution is to merge the outputs of --untracked-files=all and --untracked-files=normal, which would produce:

git status --porcelain=v1 && git status --porcelain=v1 --untracked-files=all

Which outputs:

?? bar/
?? bar/foobar

When throwing a dirty file in that directory the output would be:

touch bar/foobaz
git add bar/foobaz
echo "dirt" > bar/foobaz
{git status --porcelain=v1 && git status --porcelain=v1 --untracked-files=all} | sort | uniq

Will output:

AM bar/foobaz
?? bar/foobar

Which means the directory bar is again not mentioned, but this time it is correct because it means it will show as dirty, following default behavior.

indeed, there is another issue referencing this, but this is not managed by nvim-tree yet :)
EDIT: my bad i forgot to reimplement it during the rewrite, it should work now.

Seems to work well for me :) thanks!

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