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Icon error

yueduz opened this issue · comments


Neovim version
NVIM v0.6.0

Nvim-tree version
commit f408781 (grafted, HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)

Describe the bug
Icon error
2021-12-16 18-54-51 的屏幕截图

Seems like your font is not patched with nerd icons.

2021-12-16 19-47-27 的屏幕截图
I installed the font from, the folder icon is displayed, but the other icons are still ugly.

The fonts on are patched, right?

I would think so. Try some other font maybe?

Try agave nerd font or hack nerd font. that works for me and i hope it helps :D

Try agave nerd font or hack nerd font. that works for me and i hope it helps :D

This looks better, but there are still some files without an icon. I think it should display a placeholder icon of an unknown file type. But nvim-tree seems to be an unknown class designed without an icon

Can u show the non icon file?

Base on my understanding, it is because they start with a .?

Like.fultter or mayb the devicons doesnt support it

@yueduz since those files don't have a recognizable file extension no icon is applied.

You can use the following setting to set the default fallback icon

vim.g.nvim_tree_icons = {
    default = "",

Be sure to put that before the setup call.

You can also set custom icons like I did here

For proper font support, lets say you use something like Noto sans mono, you must install Noto Sans Mono Nerd Font and setup this font in your terminal. See this list of font to check if yours is supported.

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