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Bug: vim.lsp.diagnostic.get_count() is deprecated

GaetanLepage opened this issue · comments

Arch Linux

Neovim version
NVIM v0.7.0-dev+697-g6063e07a0

Describe the bug
The plugin seems to rely on vim.lsp.diagnostic.get_count() but the latter has been deprecated.

To Reproduce
Nothing special, just loading the plugin with 'diagnostics' enabled.

@kyazdani42 I tried to get PR, but seems like response from vim.lsp.diagnostic.get_all() differs from vim.diagnosic.get().

I didn't check that indeed...

Duh. I hate when one plugin (telescope) decides to drop compatibility for <0.6.0, you update your neovim installation and suddenly realize everything else uses deprecated stuff heavily :P

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