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Feathers hook for validate json-schema with is-my-json-valid

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validator isnt returning anything

devSarry opened this issue · comments

My user/hooks/index.js file looks like this

const validateHook = require('feathers-validate-hook')

// Define schema
const schema = {
  required: true,
  type: 'object',
  properties: {
    // Required attribute 'text' with type 'string'
    name: {
      required: true,
      type: 'string'
    email: {
      required: true,
      type: 'string'

exports.before = {
  all: [],
  find: [
    // auth.verifyToken(),
    // auth.populateUser(),
    // auth.restrictToAuthenticated()
  get: [
    auth.restrictToOwner({ ownerField: 'id' })
  create: [

This is the error im getting in my client when trying to use the validator

Cannot read property 'map' of null
    at Object.<anonymous> (/home/vagrant/Code/yeller-chat/node_modules/feathers-validate-hook/lib/validate/index.js:25:34)

How did you correct this?

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