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Neovim theme based off of the Nord Color Palette, written in lua with tree sitter support

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Neovim theme based off of the Nord Color Palette.



Nord.nvim is meant to be a modern colorscheme written in lua for NeoVim that supports a lot of the new features added to NeoVim like built-in LSP and TreeSitter

⚡️ Requirements

  • Neovim >= 0.5.0

🌙 Installation

Install via your favourite package manager:

" If you are using Vim-Plug
Plug 'shaunsingh/nord.nvim'
-- If you are using Packer
use 'shaunsingh/nord.nvim'

🌓 Usage

Enable the colorscheme:

colorscheme nord

To enable the nord theme for Lualine, simply specify it in your lualine settings:

require('lualine').setup {
  options = {
    -- ... your lualine config
    theme = 'nord'
    -- ... your lualine config

⚙️ Configuration

Option Default Description
nord_contrast false Make sidebars and popup menus like nvim-tree and telescope have a different background
nord_borders false Enable the border between verticaly split windows visable
nord_disable_background false Disable the setting of background color so that NeoVim can use your terminal background
nord_cursorline_transparent false Set the cursorline transparent/visible
nord_enable_sidebar_background false Re-enables the backgrond of the sidebar if you disabled the background of everything
-- Example config in lua
vim.g.nord_contrast = true
vim.g.nord_borders = false
vim.g.nord_disable_background = false

-- Load the colorscheme
" Example config in Vim-Script
let g:nord_contrast = v:true
let g:nord_borders = v:false
let g:nord_disable_background = v:false

-- Load the colorscheme
colorscheme nord


Neovim theme based off of the Nord Color Palette, written in lua with tree sitter support

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:Lua 99.3%Language:Vim Script 0.7%