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IPFS implementation in JavaScript

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The JavaScript implementation of the IPFS protocol

Upgrading from <=0.40 to 0.41? See the release notes for the list of API changes and the migration guide.

We've come a long way, but this project is still in Alpha, lots of development is happening, APIs might change, beware of 🐉..

Getting started

Tech Lead

David Dias

Lead Maintainer

Alex Potsides

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This project is broken into several modules, their purposes are:

Want to hack on IPFS?

The IPFS implementation in JavaScript needs your help! There are a few things you can do right now to help out:

Read the Code of Conduct and JavaScript Contributing Guidelines.

  • Check out existing issues The issue list has many that are marked as 'help wanted' or 'difficulty:easy' which make great starting points for development, many of which can be tackled with no prior IPFS knowledge
  • Look at the IPFS Roadmap This are the high priority items being worked on right now
  • Perform code reviews More eyes will help a. speed the project along b. ensure quality, and c. reduce possible future bugs.
  • Add tests. There can never be enough tests.
  • Join the Weekly Core Implementations Call it's where everyone discusses what's going on with IPFS and what's next


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IPFS implementation in JavaScript




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