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Edit Notes like in Notion.so. Full-Stack App using React/Express.

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📓 Notion Clone

Create and Edit Notes like in Notion

This clone tries to replicate some of the great note-taking features Notion has. If you don't know Notion.so yet, I highly recommend to check it out!

👋 Live Demo: notion-clone.kmuenster.com

notion clone screenshot


  • Slash Commands (Type / to turn the block into different content types)
  • HTML Support (Use regular HTML tags like <a> in text blocks)
  • Image Support (Upload images by using the /image command)
  • Drag And Drop (Reorder blocks easily by drag and drop)
  • Guest Editing (Anyone can create public pages and share them via link)
  • User Management (Create an account to create private pages)
  • Scheduled Jobs (Delete inactive pages and accounts automatically)

Tech Stack

The frontend is built with Next.js and fully server-side rendered. On the backend, a REST API handles saving user content and user management.


Next.js · React.js · SCSS/SASS


Express.js · MongoDB with Mongoose · Nodemailer · JWT (Cookie-based)


  1. Clone the project

     git clone https://github.com/konstantinmuenster/notion-clone.git
     cd notion-clone
  2. Install and run backend (http://localhost:8080)

    cd backend
    npm install
    npm start
  3. Install and run frontend (http://localhost:3000)

    cd frontend
    npm install
    npm run dev


Konstantin Münster – konstantin.digitalmail@konstantin.digital

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.



Edit Notes like in Notion.so. Full-Stack App using React/Express.



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