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πŸ–₯ CLI for finding good first issues

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Good First Issue

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A CLI for finding issues labeled with "good-first-issue" to hopefully lower the barrier to contributing to open source projects.



Via npx:

npx good-first-issue <project>

If project is omitted (e.g. npx good-first-issue), a project selector will be presented, allowing you to select from the list of available projects.

As a global module:

npm i -g good-first-issue
good-first-issue <project>


  • -o, --open - open in browser
  • -f, --first - Return first/top issue

As Module

const goodFirstIssue = require('good-first-issue')

// project should be from the below projects table
goodFirstIssue(project, (err, issues) => {
  // typeof issues is Array


Good First Issues has an examples/ directory, in which we try to maintain various examples of how Good First Issue can be used as a module. If you'd like to contribute to the examples, please don't hesitate to submit a PR! πŸ€—

TODOs: What's coming up next

good-first-issue is still in an early state. I wanted to get good-first-issue node out the door, but have some other things I'm planning on implementing. Here's a list:

  • good-first-issue node command
  • Interactive selector when good-first-issue is run without a sub command
  • Export good first issues for all repos that have a command
  • Add tests

If you'd like to help with any of these, feel free to submit a PR or ask how you can help πŸ€—


The table of projects which are currently supported.

S. No. Name Project <project>
1. Node.js node
2. Electron electron
3. VS Code vscode
4. Gutenberg gutenberg
5. wolkenkit wolkenkit
6. TypeScript typescript
7. Strapi strapi
8. Create React App create-react-app
9. debugger.html debugger.html
10. webpack CLI webpack-cli
11. Jest jest
12. I'm Feeling Lucky (Random Project) feeling-lucky
13. Netlify netlify
15. Gatsby gatsby

Adding New Projects

If you'd like to add a new project to good-first-issue, you're more than welcome to submit a PR! There are a few components you'll need to submit:

  • Update data/projects.json

    • Add your <project> as a property of projects with an object that includes a name, description, and a q (representing the GitHub search query).
  • Update by running npm run markdown

    • This will automatically update with the new project

Adding New Projects: More Information

You can pull your queries directly from a standard GitHub search! If you want to build something a bit more complex, you can use the advanced search tool if you want to build more specific custom queries:

As a CLI, good-first-issue uses the Commander.js CLI framework. If you want to better understand how our CLI is built, commander.js is pretty well documented. Also used are Chalk for terminal coloring and boxen to simplify the output container implementation.


If you are interested in fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see the document


πŸ–₯ CLI for finding good first issues


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